What Is Powder Coating?

What Is Powder Coating?

23 November 2017

You’ve probably heard the term before, but do you actually know what powder coating is?


Powder coating is a dry finishing process where the coating is applied as a free-flowing powder. As opposed to conventional liquid paint which requires a solvent to suspend the components in a liquid, with the powder coating process the components are mixed, melted, cooled and ground into a powder. This powder is then applied to a surface using an electrostatic charge, which is then cured so that it forms a hard finish, much more durable than conventional paint.

Powder coating was first introduced in America in the 60s and currently represents over 15% of the global industrial finishings market. It is projected that by 2022, the powder coatings market will reach a staggering $12.48 billion, a growth of 7.6% from the year 2014.

The popularity of powder coating is in no small part down to its applications for modern design and architecture. The possibilities when it comes to colour is near limitless, as the process can produce almost any shade desired, from solid brights to deep neutrals as well as blending and fading of colours to create a unique custom finish. Powder coating is also desirable due to its uniform finish; guaranteeing a professional, sleek look. The lack of solvent in its application means no colour running, streaks or brush strokes etc.

Powder coating is primarily used for the coating of metals, items such as household appliances, car and bike parts, modern architecture and hardware. Newer technologies are now being developed to allow for the coating of other materials such as wood. This has so far shown to be most effective on middle density fibreboard (MDF), improving the durability of the finished product by creating a hardwearing layer on the surface of the wood.

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